The danger of fire hazards in schools and businesses are a continued concern throughout the country. Feel confident in your fire protection system with Honeywell’s highly reliable Farenhyt Series.

Why Choose Farenhyt

Design that works: Simple aesthetics and minimal equipment offer reliable performance without distracting from your décor.

Safeguard Emergency Responses: Reliable In-Building Public Safety Radio Coverage to Safeguard Emergency Responses.

Right Size, Right Cost: Unique design can network any Farenhyt Series panel so you can choose the ideal system size and cost for your complex.

Servicing Your Way: Flexible architecture give you a choice in servicing to help reduce costs. 

School Safety and protection

Fire Alarm Systems for Texas Schools and Businesses – Inspection, Testing, Service, and Sales

Fire alarms are essential in a fire emergency to quickly alert all visitors. iProtection Systems ensures that your building complies with national and local fire safety requirements by testing, inspecting and maintaining your building’s fire alarm systems. Contact our company today to learn more.

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